WordPress Support

Who is WordPress Support for?

The Pink Piranha Media WordPress Support service is targeted at individuals or businesses already using WordPress to power their website presence.

Maybe you feel a little lost with the management and upkeep of your WordPress site or you are a bit overawed by the HTML, CSS and JavaScript jargon you see when you try and Google a solution to your problems – or you simply do not have time to support your website as you prefer to focus on the important task of developing your business.

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We will help support you directly with your business needs.

On Demand WordPress Help

 Pink Piranha Media has WordPress experts at your service. We are always available to help with any WordPress support solutions, no matter how small.

Typical support requests we receive include:

  • I’ve updated a Plugin/Theme and something has gone wrong …
  • Can you change the colour of this?
  • I would like a different font style …
  • Can you re-position something?
  • How can I do this?
  • I want a new image here …
  • Something is not quite working right! …

No matter what your support requirement, we have generally heard it all before – so we are perfectly positioned to support you with a quick, friendly, support service to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.


Visit our Plans and Pricing page to see up to date rates for our range of services.

Can we help you?

Whether you have a project in mind or want to find out any more about our services – please use one of the contact options below and get in touch … Let’s have a coffee and discuss how we can help your website succeed!

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