WordPress Migration

Not happy with your host and want to move provider?

Moving your WordPress site to a new host can be a tough process. With an extensive number of website migrations under our belt, you can trust Pink Piranha Media to offer you a care-free, no hassle service to do the job for you and get it right first time.

We can generally migrate your WordPress site to a new host or new domain within 3 business days.

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We will help support you directly with your business needs.

What do you get:

  • Backup of all of your files and database.
  • Complete setup and configuration of the new server.
  • Transfer of files and database to the new server.
  • Pointing your domain to the new server.

What do we need:

  • Old Host provider log-in information with control panel access.
  • New host provider log-in information with control panel access.
  • Domain name information.

How long will it take:

Normally it takes 3 business days from the time that we receive your login credentials. If you have larger site with bigger databases, then it may be that we need to request additional time for the transfer.

Will my all of my plug-ins and themes be okay?

Yes.  Your new server will have everything your old one contained.  All of your plugins, themes, and uploads will remain intact and we will fully functionally test the site on the new server to make sure that everything remains exactly the same.


Visit our Plans and Pricing to see up to date rates for our range of services.

Can we help you?

Whether you have a project in mind or want to find out any more about our services – please use one of the contact options below and get in touch … Let’s have a coffee and discuss how we can help your website succeed!

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